Great Service Means Happy Customers at Carrefour 40-640 Volkswagen

I appreciate the service so much

I have to say that since the new service has been in place now 4 years they are the reason I have stayed with the dealership!

They are pleasant, always willing to go above and beyond, they find solutions that are out of the box and work. I appreciate the service so much that most of my family members take their car there for service even the ones that do not have a Volkswagen!

So please, experience them for yourself before you read some of the crap people put on this site. You will love the experience!

I recommend it

I really enjoyed the service I received, the salesman we're very kind, professional and able to answer all my questions.

The dealership is big, spaceful and looks very recent!

I recommend it for any volks lovers.

Thanks again!

I was leaving for a short trip with my family and before leaving I realized that I had a soft tire on my SUV. I have a Honda CR-V and the nearest place was Carrefour 40-640 Volkswagen garage. I get there and the service was about to closed, I explained my situation and with a big smile the technician said "I'll open the door my dear sir, we'll fix you that!"

Just saying, your Volkswagen Atlas 2018 is very interesting, I'll certainly consider it in my next choice for this winter .. Thanks again!